Iris from Oekeboeleke is an upcoming talent in the sewing patterns world. When she launched the Lucy Dress, I was immediately curious, and applied as a tester for the bigger sizes. The pattern is made for cotton-like fabrics, and combines a skirt with nice pleats with a special collar detailed bodice.

I like that the pleats are repeated at both the front and the back. I lengthened the size 110 for my 4 year old Lucie a little (3 cm), and then it was perfect for her; a little wide at the chest but ok the dress is supposed to be light and breezy.

I added pockets since the girl can’t do without. Together with this Soft Cactus retro cotton fabric, it gives the dress a nice vintage touch. The complete dress is buttoned-up, which I like a lot. Super handy to dress and undress, certainly when you use press studs like me; Lucie loves to do it all herself!



Birthday time here, in on week Millie turned 2 and Lucie turned 4.  I like to sew them special matching outfits on such occasions. Last year around this time I drew myself a dress pattern for Lucie, based on a supernice basic from Zara. It’s designed for knits only, and has a circular skirt, short round sleeves and a tight bodice.

I made her several of those throughout the year, mostly in heavier fabric like sweatr, punto di roma and french terry. And I had to redraw since the girl was growing fast. For their birthday, I fell for the supernice Lily Balou fabrics at Mon Depot. When they came in, I immediately thought of a polo shirt. Since I didn’t find a good pattern for a polo dress in knit fabric, I decided to add it to my existing selfdrawn dress.

Because of her red hair, I chose the blue plane fabric for Millie. And Lucie was charmed by the pelicans on the other fabric so that was a quick choice. I was shocked by the premium quality of this ‘knit jacquard’, which is medium heavy and lovely lovely lovely to work with.



I had to draw another size for Millie, so now I have the pattern already in 3 sizes (98, 104, 110). What do you think? Should I do something with it? Who would be interested if I share this pattern?