Changing mat FREE pattern + tutorial


Free pattern and tutorial for the changing mat with diaper pouch below.

Since Millie is growing bigger, we never take the whole diaper bag with us to go out. Handy for little babies who still need bottles and pots of mashed food, but too big for a toddler that only needs a fresh diaper once in a while. So I wanted to create something to take the diapers with me, that would fit in my purse.

I like Madame Zsazsa‘s pattern, but I wanted something to change her on so I don’t have to be afraid to get someones white couch all dirty. So I started drawing and this is the result. A foldabe mat to lay your baby/toddler on, with a pouch for the diaper and wipes:

Download the pdf pattern here (via Craftsy) FOR FREE, make sure you only use it for personal use. And for baby gifts of course! 🙂

It’s a 10 pages document, make sure the circles match and print without margins, so that the circles measure 4 cm.

  • 0.5 m cotton
  • 0.5 m towel fabric or oilcloth
  • 1 big button
  • 1 hair-tie

This pattern includes a seam allowance of 1 cm. Cut out the big piece in 2 different fabrics, one preferably cotton, and the other towel fabric (which I used) or plastified cotton / oilcloth vinyl to make it wipeable. Mark the place for the button, the hair-tie, and for the turning hole.


Cut out the smaller piece in cotton, and iron it wrong sides together in half.

Put the towel fabric right side up, and place the smaller piece folded in two (= the diaper pouch) on top of it. Make sure the rounded seams match. Cut the hair tie, fold it and place it at the directed point with the loop facing inwards.

Put the cotton layer on top of the other two, right side facing down, so that right sides match. Pin and sew all the way the rounded seams with 1 cm seam allowance, but leave open the indicated turning hole  to be able to turn the whole thing.

Cut in the rounded seams, at the bottom, top and middle.

Turn the mat to the right side through the turning hole. Iron to make all seams flat, and iron the seam allowance of the turning hole to the wrong side. Close the hole by hand with a blind stitch.

Et voila! Lucie’s doll was my model since Millie as a model wouldn’t show too much of the mat 🙂

But I could get cute Julie on my mat later on, she fits perfectly 🙂

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