RROAAW This eyecatcher of your bedroom or bathroom is something you can easily make yourself! The only thing you need for this DIY animal hanger is a wooden rail, plastic animal toys, screws and a touch of paint.

Saw your rail to the desired length. Paint it in your favourite colour. Measure it, and divide by the number of hooks you want + 1. For example if you want 4 hooks, divide by 5. Indicate this number at each distance on the rail. This is where the hooks will be attached.

Choose the animals you like, e.g. from Hema. The ones that are filled completely are the best, otherwise you will have to fill them up with silicone. Saw them in half in the middle of the body, and figure out which part works out best as a hanger, could be e.g. the lion’s tail. (Spray) paint them in another colour or leave them as they are, if you like that better.

Screw the helixes in the back of the rail where the equal distances are indicated. Go as deep as the helixes are just visible at the front; then hold the animal firmly against the surface (or ask for help), and screw further into the animal’s body; don’t let the helix be visible.

Secure the rail on the wall, and hang your favourite pj’s on your favourite animal. GRRRRR!