Template painting kids rooms

Although we moved already 2 years ago, the renovation of our house was so big that we hadn’t had the time to paint the kids’ rooms yet. I was in doubt which colours to choose, until I bought this stunning poster at IKEA. The birds gave me so much inspiration 🙂

I know it sounds strange, but I really went to the paint store with these birds in my mind: pink and pale olive green for Emilia, and for Lucie the same pale green combined with mint blue-green. I painted both colours in their rooms and kept the other 2 white.  But since they are kids, I found that suddenly too simple and clean… So decided to make templates.

Starting from cardboard, I cut out triangles for Lucie and lozenges for Emilia.You need to draw around them on the wall with a pencil, and then tape around the pencil. Don’t try to do it elsewise, trust me I tried and it becomes messy. I used several colours that matched the 2 coloured walls plus some extra gold, as a gold lover 🙂

This is the result in both rooms.

I just placed them without a  pattern like I wished, but of course you could also work with a fixed pattern. And as you can see, I also made matching curtains with the fantastic organic fabric from FairyTailors; both with fabulous gold paint.

This is how the rooms look further more.

Now I am planning on making their lighting! To be continued…





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