Copper and blue outfit

Copper and blue. I got inspired by the denim I found in my fabric stash with a subtle metallic shine. I used it for Lucie’s glitter pants with the cat knees, but I was jealous and wanted something for myself in that fabric, too… Since I never ever wear pants it had to be a denim skirt; a girl cannot have too much of those. And I already knew I wanted to combine it with a shirt with some copper piping to match the metallic shine.

I chose the Elsa Blouse pattern from La Maison Victor (2/2016) for the shirt; I loved the idea of a hidden button row. And it has a shirt collar, which makes it suitable for piping. But exactly at the button row something went wrong; I still don’t know what happened but I had excess fabric. Maybe I cut wrong, but anyway I could solve it invisibly … – well more or less. Also when you make it, you should choose the smaller size when doubting between sizes, because it turns out large.

The skirt’s pattern is another La Maison Victor’s creation (5/2016), the Holly Skirt. Great basic pattern for a denim or gabardine or jacquard skirt, I only lenghtened it with some extra 7 cm because I found it too short. You should only do that when your fabric has some strethc otherwise you would have to add a vent to still be able to move I guess. Also this pattern turned out to be large, but maybe I should have chosen size 40 (recently lost 15 kg so still getting used to the idea that I fit a size 40 🙂 ).

Voila, a new outfit is born. Curious for your experiences with these patterns!


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  1. Delphine

    oooh heel leuk! die blouse wil ik ook nog wel eens proberen, al hoop ik dat het binnenkort te warm is voor lange mouwen en houd ik ze voor de herfstplanning 😉


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