Pallet wood planter DIY (tutorial)

Since we bought our house at the countryside (in the beautiful village of Houtem, Belgium), we have a super big garden and plenty of space for vegetables, fruit and animals. But I like keeping my herbs close to the kitchen and I want to be inspired by the sight of these delicious tastemakers while cooking, so decided to make planters for the terrace that is next to the kitchen.

I chose pallet wood because it fits nicely with the blue stone we have at the terrace. I started from the boxes we had delivered to carry the blue stone tiles. A handy size to start from, I actually just had to saw them in two, and add extra wooden beams. But you could perfectly imitate this with two pallets. You would then need 2 pallets: one for the front and the other cut in two for the sides. You don’t necessarily need a bottom; the root foil will ‘hang’ like a bag anyway.

I could place three of them next to each other, leaning against the outer wall. I strenghtened the frame at the back with some extra wooden beams. And then added the root foil, which lets the water go through. I fixed the edges of the foil to the wood with a stapler.

To mask the edges of the foil and to make the upper side look more attractive, I added a wooden frame at the top, cut in an angle of 45 degrees. Nailed everything and oiled the wood to protect it. It doesn’t look perfect but I like the rough look.

I filled it up with soil from the garden and potting soil. Potting soil alone is too light and dries too quickly. And then fill up with your favourite herbs and flowers!






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