Learn to make your own tree branch pendant light here. Working in our bewilderd garden, I came accross some beautiful branches. I wanted to use them inside, and thought of this kind of pendant lamp. Shouldn’t be too hard, I thought.

So I started peeling of the bark of the nicest branch. Working with a spatula worked best for me, a wood file  made the work too hard. A steel brush also came in handy. Quite a job, you could also paint the branch if you like that. I varnished the branch when completely cleaned.

I tied up the branch with thick cord. And then the electric part started. We only had 2 electric points to start from, while I wanted 5 light bulbs. So I needed to connect 2 or 3 at one point. I bought these wires and fittings from IKEA, which I cut the right length.

With a screwdriver I made 2 extra holes in each cap. Wrap the ends of the wire with tape to secure the fabric cover, and to be able to push the whole thing through the hole. Strip the blue and brown cables.

Because this fitting doesn’t have a nice socket, I decided to make one my own. With toilet paper rolls! Their diameter is perfect for this one, and I just had to cut them to the right length, and spray paint them… in gold! Who tells what these once were?

The positioning of the cables was the next step. That took me longer then expected, because you can’t hide anything of course. So it needs to look nice and also needs to stay in position. I chose to just wind the cables around the branch.

I let the ends hang down in different lengths but for a more clean look you could also make them all as long. I also chose 2 types of LED-lamp bulbs with a golden glow to fit the toilet roll socket covers.

The living room needed two more lamps, and I wanted to match them well with the branch pendant light. But more wood would be too much. So I took the same wires and lamps (and toilet roll socket covers haha), and just let them hang with the 3 of them at one point. This is the result:

Hope to have helped you with your own lighting project!